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Client Process

03 Oct 16

We follow a comprehensive process when taking on a new client to ensure we really get to know about them, their dreams, lifestyle goals and aspirations.

Step 1 – Introductory Meeting…
We begin every relationship by offering an initial meeting, at our expense, giving you the opportunity to meet us and explore whether we would like to work together.

In this meeting we will focus on you; where you are now, how you’ve got to where you are now and what your goals, ambitions and concerns are for the future. We will also look to gain a broad overview of your financial circumstances.

We will explain our services and fees and what you might expect to gain from working with us. If we decide to work together, we will ask you to prepare some information in advance of our second meeting.

Step 2 – Discovery Meeting…
During the second meeting we focus on gathering the data required to advise you effectively. We will gather in-depth information regarding your current financial situation including assets, liabilities, income, expenditure and any policies you hold.

Step 3 – Analysis & Evaluation…
Using the information gathered during the first two meetings; and from your existing contract providers, we will carry out an extensive assessment of your financial circumstances.

This will include building an analysis of your current situation relative to achieving your objectives, identifying any risks and opportunities present to your planning and creating a bespoke financial planning and investment strategy that gives you the highest probability of achieving your stated goals.

Step 4 – Financial Planning Meeting…
We then meet with you to present, explain and discuss the financial plan we have designed for you. This links your resources with your objectives and models various scenario’s to establish how you can achieve your objectives.

Once the strategy has been agreed, we will send you a written report that will provide you with a detailed approach as to how to organise your finances in order to give you the highest probability of achieving your life goals.

Step 5 – Implementation…
Where your financial plan has recommendations and action points, these are implemented after your financial plan has been presented and agreed. This includes where appropriate help with filling in all paperwork, handling of the establishment of investments and/or policies on your behalf, regular updates to keep you informed of progress and ensuring all your documents are issued correctly.

Step 6 – Ongoing Relationship & Regular Reviews…
A long-term relationship with regular reviews is essential to your plan remaining relevant and on track. We will meet with you on a regular agreed timescale to review your personal circumstances, monitor progress towards your goals and review your strategy.