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Our Clients

03 Oct 16

Our clients come from a variety of different backgrounds; however, they all have the desire to achieve a secure future for themselves and those who depend on them.

Our clients include:

  • Business Owners;
  • Busy Executives;
  • Legal Professionals & Equity Partners;
  • Retirees (both planning for, and in, retirement);
  • People who have inherited or received ‘sudden wealth’;

To ensure we deliver a high level of service that makes a real difference to our clients, we only work with a limited number of clients. There must be a good fit between our methodology, the financial planning led service we provide and the value we can deliver. This means that our clients tend to have a number of the following characteristics:

  • Want to achieve and maintain financial independence and security
  • Want to ensure their family are supported both now and in the future
  • Want to simplify and bring order to their financial lives
  • Want to work with a financial planner they can trust, who will sort out their finances and help them focus on their goals
  • Are keen to delegate to free up their time to pursue other interests in life
  • Are happy to pay reasonable fees for advice and service
  • Have a minimum of €250,000 in liquid assets, investments and/or pension assets.

With all our clients we look to build a long lasting and rewarding relationship with them and their families.